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Solar Array Combiners, DC Fuses & DC Breakers,

Wire & Cable, Anderson Connectors
Terminal lugs, Terminal Blocks

Circuit Protection - Fuses & Breakers - Delta Lightning Arrestors - Switches & Disconnects

Fuses, circuit breakers, disconnects, surge and lightning arrestors, fuseboxes and fuseholders, and related items. Includes items such as ground lugs and similar items.

Photovoltaic array combiners (solar panel combiner boxes) are commonly used to combine several strings of solar panels into a common bus. Array combiners are usually needed for larger systems, but even in small PV systems it can make wiring and future troubleshooting much easier.

This section includes Outback Power, Midnite Solar, and GroSolar (ReadyWatt) array combiners, fuses, and breakers for solar panels.

We recommend using breakers instead of fuses for 12 to 48 volt array combiners. In most cases fuses are required for higher voltage systems over 48 volts for either battery or grid tie.

Wire & Cable - Panel wiring cable, MC connector cables, Inverter and battery cables.
Square D 600 volt 30 amp DC array disconnect 3-pole
600 VDC 3 pole disconnect
Free Shipping 48 Lower States 3-8 days
Wire Terminals & Crimp Lugs
Solar array combiner, 3 breakers, for 150 VDC charge controllers and 600 VDC gridtie inverters.
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Midnite Solar MNPV6 Solar Array Combiner
Solar panel array combiner for 6 circuits
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Midnite Solar MNPV12 Solar Array Combiner
Midnite Solar MNPV12, 12 circuit solar array combiner
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Midnite Solar Baby Box Enclosure for 1-4 Din Rail Breakers
Small DC breaker enclosure
Free Shipping
Outback Power FWPV-8 & PV-12 Array Combiners
FWPV PV Array Combiner Box, Fuses & Breakers
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ReadyWatt 10" x 10" Solar Array Combiner Boxes
6 inputs from array, 1 output 150 volt rating
Free Shipping
ReadyWatt 12" x 12" Solar Array Combiner Boxes
12 low voltage inputs or 8 high voltage inputs.
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Midnite Solar MNEPV 150 VDC Solar Array Breakers
Midnite Solar MNEPV 1 to 63 Amp, 150 VDC Breakers
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Specifications for MNE (QY) DC Circuit Breakers

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Midnite Solar MNTS 1000 Volt DC (800 volt AC)Touch Safe Fuse Holder High voltage fuse holder for array combiners for DC rated fuses up to 30 amperes.
Free Shipping 48 Lower States 3-8 days

Midnite Solar MNFUSE High Voltage DC Fuses

1000 Volt DC fuses for grid tie solar array combiners
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Inverter Fuses & Breakers
High Amperage DC fuses, Fuse Holders & Circuit Breakers
Small fuses & circuit breakers, automotive low voltage DC types 100 amps and under
Lightning & Surge arrestors
Square D 2 pole AC MSRP Price: $353.00 our price $185 w/free shipping
Options Free Shipping
Anderson Power Connectors, SB & Power Pole
Anderson High Amperage Connectors
Radio Noise Suppression Ferrite Filters
DC Light & Solar Controller Noise Suppression Ferrite Filters
30 Amp AC Automatic
Options 1 or 2pcs Free Shipping
Iota 50 amp automatic AC transfer switch
Options Free Shipping
100 Amp AC Automatic Transfer Switch
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Power Distribution Block 1 x 4 circuit, 175 Amp
175 amp maximumPower Distribution Block, Single Pole.

Similar to picture but single pole & 4 terminals on load side, not 6 as shown.

These are sometimes used as PV array combiners, or as load distribution blocks for 12 volt circuits.

175 Amp per pole. Accepts up to 2/0 wire on main bus side and up to #4 wire on distribution side. UL and CSA approved.
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Power Distribution Block 175 Amp, 2 x 4 circuit
175 Amp 2 pole 1 main, 4 branch circuits each Dual power distribution block. 175 amp max. Similar to picture but 4 terminals on load side, not 6 as shown. These are sometimes used as PV array combiners or 12 power distribution for small low voltage systems.

175 Amp per pole. Accepts up to 2/0 wire on main bus side and up to #4 wire on distribution side. UL and CSA approved.
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Power Distribution Block 2 Pole x 6 Circuit Load
2 pole power distribution block. Dual 2/0 input x 6 #4 (max) wire output terminals. UL listed. Often used for both AC and DC circuits for power distribution from a main power source, such as batteries or AC line power. Large two pole single input (line side), two pole six circuit output (load side).

Input side (Line): 2 pole, 2/0 through #14 Copper
Output side (Load): 6 connections per pole, #4 through #14 AWG copper
Connector block material: Aluminum, 175 Amp rating
Dimensions: Length - 4.12", Height - 2.12", Depth - 2.8"

** Picture shows 3 pole, this is 2 pole
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Three #1/0 to 14 AWG and eight #6 to 14 AWG screw type compression terminals, mounting screws included. Rated at 180 amps.
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Optional Socket

Relay Generator Start 12 Volt Single Pole Double Throw
12 Volt DC Single Pole Relay for Gen Start This is the relay & relay socket that Outback Power recommends for the 2-wire AUX generator start output for the FX type inverters.

Relay is a single pole double throw 12 volt DC. 10 Amp non-inductive rating, 7 Amp inductive (motors and such).

This relay is commonly used for starting generators with a 2-wire start when using the Outback Power 12 VDC aux outputs.
Options Relay, and socket Free Shipping



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