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410 watt Off-Grid RV, boat, trade show, cabin, Solar Panel Kit

(12v system, if you want 24v, or 48v system you will need to contact me so we can change panel voltage and inverter voltage)

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Please allow 2 days processing, packaging and handling + 5 - 15 business days for delivery.

Included in in the price of this kit: (2) 205watt panels + 50Amp Charge Controller with MPPT + 2500 watt inverter + MC4 Y branch connectors + 30ft MC4 extention cord


How solar works. 


These modules are made available by Evergreen, one of the world's largest manufacturers. Made in USA! Identical Power specifications as A grade modules, complete factory light tower test is available. These modules have the same 0% to +5% power output tolerances as "A" modules. These modules have slight cosmetic blemishes. Sun modules are non-UL, Tuv or CE listed. Unlike most other brands which have power specifications within +/- 10%, these modules have power specifications within 0% to +5% ! There is no better output power allowance in the industry.  


made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A.

Model SUN ES-A-205-fa3
Power (W) 205 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 22.70 Voc
Short Circuit Current (A) 11.93 Isc
Maximum Power Voltage (V) 18.20 Vmp
Maximum Power Current (A) 11.27 Imp
Dimensions (in)(LxWxD) 65" x 37 1/2" x 1 3/8"
Weight (lb) 41 lb
Connector MC-4


Charge Controller




Size: 214*126*60mm
Weight: 1100g  
1 set packed in color box    
This WS-MPPT SOLAR PANEL CHARGE CONTROLLER(also known as WELLSEE intelligent solar charge controller, solar charge controller, PV controller) can intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels, letting the solar panels always work at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve. Compared with standard solar controller, this MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of PV modules by 10%-30%. WELLSEE WS-MPPT solar controllers 10A--60A include 12V series, 24V series and 48V series.
MPPT advantage:
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT in short) system allows PV panels to output more Power by adjusting working condition of the electrical module. In Figure1  A indicates that the working state of ordinary controller, that is PV battery working on 12V ,only outputting a power point of 53W (the general power point), B indicates that MPPT controller makes PV battery always work at the maximum power point, thus outputting the power point of 75W (the maximum power point).
Product features:
Applicable to various types of batteries,
MPPT function
Overload protection (automatic restoration)
Overcharge protection
Short circuit protection (automatic restoration) ,
Lightning protection
Reverse discharge protection
Reverse polarity connection protection (automatic restoration)
Under voltage protection
 MPPT principle:
The maximum power point is mainly affected by the ambient temperature and the intensity of sunshine. With the intensity of sunshine being constant, the maximum output power decreases with the rise of the temperature. The temperature being constant, when the sunshine intensifies, the open circuit voltage of PV battery basically keeps unchanged. But the short circuit current increases substantially, thus the maximum output power increases substantially.
This WS-MPPT SOLAR PANEL CHARGE CONTROLLER can intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels, letting the solar panels always work at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve. Compared with ordinary solar controller, this MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of PV modules by about 30%.
However, due to many different factors, such as the difference in solar panel making, the change of the sun illuminance, change of temperature, the efficiency of the controller etc., the actually available increased rate is 10%-30%.

50a mppt max watts for 12v, 24v, 48v

500w 1000w 2000w

Rated Voltage
Max Load current
Input voltage range
12V~20V / 24V~40V / 48V~80V
 Charge loop drop
Discharge loop drop
Over voltage protection
17V / 34V / 58V
Full charge cut
13.7V / 27.4V / 54.8V
Low voltage cut
10.5~11V  / 21V~22V / 42V
Temperature compensation
-3mv/C / cell
No load loss
Max wire area
6 mm2
6 mm2
Ambient temperature



***BRAND NEW***   CPI 2575 -12 Volt DC 120 volt AC Power Inverter


Model: CPI 2575


Description Of the Item.





  • 2500 Watts Continuous Power, 5000 Watts Peak Power
  •  Power/Amp Meter
  • Remote On/Off Capable
  • USB Output
  • LED Function/Status Meter                                                  


  • CPI 2575 DC to AC Power Inverter
  • Instruction Manual

Here’s the power you need to operate anything from a laptop computer and 60" TV to a table saw and kitchen appliances. Simply hardwire one to your vehicle’s battery and it automatically converts your vehicle’s 12V DC system into a 110V AC power source that’s great for offgrid, cabins, camping, remote worksites, traveling and more. Has multiple AC outlets, low voltage/overload/ thermal shutdown protection and more. 1-year limited warranty.

Common Applications

Appliances Watts Audio Video Equipment Watts Mobile Office Equipment Watts Power Tools Watts Battery Chargers Watts
Can Opener 100 Video Game System 20 Inkjet/Bubblejet Printer 40 Finishing Sander 190 Laptop Computer Charger 25
Electric Knife 100 12" Black/White TV 30 Laptop Computer 100 1/4" Drill 300 Cellular Phone Charger 25
12" Speed Fan 250 DVD Player 30 Fax Machine 120 Soldering Gun 300 Camcorder Charger 25
Mixer/Blender 300 Mini CD Changer System 50 14" Color Monitor 125 6" Bench Grinder 400 7.2V Cordless Drill Charger 25
Food Processor 400 13" Color TV 80 Laser Printer 800 790 F Heat Gun 400 Cordless Saw Charger 35
Portable Vacuum 550 19" Color TV 160     3.8" Reversible Drill 700 Hot Melt Glue Gun 40
Mini-Refrigerator 600 25 " Color TV 220     10 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 900    
Toaster Oven 1000 13" Color TV/ VCR 230     6" Circular Saw 950    
Microwave Oven 1000 2 Amp Stereo Amplifier 240     Router 1000    

*This chart is for reference only, please check actual wattage on device

*To determine required wattage for a device. Look up required Amps a device is rated usually in the back of the unit. Multiply Amps x Volts = Watts

Product Features

  • Provides 2,500 watts peak, and 5,000 watts surge handling
  • <0.5 amp No Load Draw. This is the reason to buy this inverter if you are off grid. Many inverters have as much as 3amp no load draw because the fans stay on 100% of the time. This inverter only turns the fan on when it needs it, this is more efficient and increases the life of your fans as well. Save your system 2.5amps!
  • Modified sine waveform outputs
  • Converts 12v DC to 115v AC power
  • 3 AC outlets for operating multiple devices
  • Low voltage, overload and thermal shutdown protection
  • Remote On/Off Capable
  • Power/Amp Meter


Pair of MC4 Y Branch connectors and 30ft MC4 Extension cable to connect the solar panels to the charge controller.

(Cut the extension cable in half to go 15ft to charge controller, strip back the cut ends enough to connect the stripped ends to the charge controller)




Cobra CPI-A4000BC AC Power Inverter AWG Cables

Product Features

  • 10' red #4-gauge power cable, 10' black #4-gauge ground cable
  • 8' green #8-gauge chassis ground cable with terminal, Battery terminals and tinned contacts


Shipping Options inverter cable upgrade


Cobra CPI-A20 AC Power Inverter Remote


Technical Details

  • Remote on/off switch for Cobra power inverters
  • Turns inverter on and off from up to 20 feet away
  • Lets users mount inverters in a hidden location
  • Compatible with Cobra CPI 1500, 1550, 2500, 2550, M1500 and M2200 models
  • Includes long cord for remote hookup
  See more technical details

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches ; 2.6 pounds
Shipping Options inverter remote  upgrade
We recommend www.Win-SolarLLC.com for custom made solar interconnect networks, cables and accessories. In addition to what we offer here on our site, you can also buy custom network circuits for your pv array direct. This will save you time and money on your install.  Also FYI SunWindProducts does not make any money from any direct purchases from Win-Solar.
Your Choice - Design a network for your solar field.
1. Print the "Blank Solar Network Form". (For detailed instructions see the link below.)
2. Select your choice of materials and draw a simple line chart to match your field requirements. ~Be sure to identify the length of each leg of the network and indicate whether male or female connectors are required.
     ~Complete this form for each field network you need.
     ~Refer to the printable example below.
3. Email to info@Win-SolarLLC.com or fax to 678-261-8895 (be sure to include your contact information).

If you have your own drawings you may email, fax or mail them to Win-Solar LLC. Please make sure all drawings and prints are clear and legible.

Sample of parallel network strings


Youtube video with general explanation of how solar wiring works

Installation instructions

  1. Mount the solar panels. Here is a link to some mounting options http://www.sunwindproducts.com/Products/SolarPanelMounts/SolarPanelMounts.html
  2. Wire the panels in series or parallel with MC4 U, Y, or T Branch connectors, or wire nuts and 10awg wire or larger. M/FF and F/MM http://www.sunwindproducts.com/Products/MultiContactCables/MultiContactCables.html
  3. Use a MC4 Extender cable 30 - 100ft depending on how far you place the charge controller from the solar panel array. Cut the cable in half, but the connectors into the solar panel pig tails and strip back the the cut end and connect the wires to the charge controller. http://www.sunwindproducts.com/Products/MultiContactCables/MultiContactCables.html
  4. Connect the Charge controller to the battery bank using 10awg or thicker wire. See link below for wiring information. http://www.sunwindproducts.com/LearningCenter/BatteryLifeSolarWiringBatteryWiringWireSizing.html





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